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Does long cycle mean poor quality eggs? Anyone know?

Hi ladies, random thought, given a 28 day cycle is average, presumably that means it gives good quality eggs? With 14 days for eggs to mature? So given I don't ovulate until about CD31, what's happening to my eggs in those extra days?

If anyone knows the answer please share!


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Hey hun, I could be TOTALLY wrong here, but I don't think it makes a difference when you ovulate in terms of egg quality. I thought it was just the different hormonal balance in women that causes the hormones to kick in at different times in order to prepare to mature and release the egg??? If that makes sense? So its not a quality issue but an issue of timing, in terms of when the hormone levels switch on/up

Like i say, could be wrong though!
Hope you find answers chick

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Day of ovulation
Ideally ovulation will occur days 11 or 12. Delayed ovulation -day 13 or later- is not a sign of egg quality concerns; in fact, it is more commonly a sign of an excess ovarian reserve, generally a good thing. But early ovulation -days 8,9, or 10 of the cycle- implies lower quality eggs.

Cycle Length
Long cycles are ok, but short cycles are not. If previously-28-day-cycles are now 26 days, it suggests egg quality is failing. Cycles are shorter because of the early ovulation and shortened luteal phases described above.

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well my ds2 is 15 months and i got PG with him on im guessing egg quality isnt a problem

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Thanks for starting this thread,
My cycles have gone from being 31 days to 41 days and i was starting to think i had 'bad eggs'
I am relieved to hear my eggs could still be fine
Now i just have to hope OH isnt being serious about stopping TTC x

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