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Where to get//How to use Soft Cups???

Hey, I just found out what soft cups are (which I must say are a great invention), and I was just wondering where I can get soft cupS. Do I have to buy them online or can I get I get them from a certain store?? And then once I finally get some, how the hell do I use them??

I used to use tampons which YES, YES, i know, a bad, bad idea...

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Lol, Yes tampons are a bad idea, and probably did more harm than good TBH

But you can get softcups at or accessdiagnostics .. also earlypregnancytests .. all those places online carry them. Most girls just get them online cuz sometimes they're tricky to find depending on where you are.

The ring is a soft rubbery type material, and you just pinch it flat and slide it in right after you have sex. Just stay laying down and put it in. Then fall asleep or carry on (after laying down for awhile) ..I was terrified to use them at first, but you cant feel them at all! Less than you can feel tampons.

To remove it, just get up in the morning, insert a finger and hook the edge of the cup and slide it out. It's easy peasy! Lots of success stories as well. If you have any other questions let me know.. pop in the softcup thread

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so I don't get it? soft cups help increase chances on conceiving?

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Originally Posted by darkNlovely View Post
so I don't get it? soft cups help increase chances on conceiving?
they are actually for AF....but some people use them to help keep the sperm inside instead of falling out

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