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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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feeling so sad, lonely, depressed you name it need someone to talk to!

af was due today, no sign of her at al, took a test at it was a bfn and i knew it was going to be i took it just before at 9.17pm but i have not had anything to drink for 4 hours so it should of been okayish...

my boyfreind decided he was going to go out for the night about 20 mins ago and i have been crying since then and i dont even know why i am so emotional and sad and depressed thats why i took the test..

my mouth has been dry all day, i have been tired, had a sore back, craps in my tummy and the odd breast pain the past 2 days... i really thought i was pg but ovbiously not... i dont think i can handle the ttc it is so stressfull every month just to be dissapointed i feel like i am going to break down, i have knowone to talk to as knowone knows we are ttc, and my partner has gone out so i am home alone feeling sad and depressed...

ugh i dont know what to do... i really thought as i concieved first time after comming off the pill last time that i would this time... but i guess thats not going to happen but then reading stories about people who have been trying for years makes me so scared and sad because i really dont think i could handle that...

i am so sorry for this rant and i honestly did not expect anyone to read this i just needed to get it all out of me... and i am feeling a little bit better although still feeling bloody pg ugh... so sad tonight wish i could just go to sleep and forgot about everything.

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I've been feeling like this recently too, sometimes its really hard. How long have you been trying for? we are ttc for #1 and I thought I would just fall straight away because my mum, and sis both did, so gets me down sometimes.

Just hang in there, its not over until af arrives, FX for you

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ur never alone hunni there's always someone feeling exactly the same way i do that every month and the men in our lives dont seem to understand how much it hurts coz they can just switch there emotions off wen they no we're not pregnant i dont mean that in a horrible way my DB gives me these hugs that seem to make everything feel better. there's always someone on here goin through the same feelings isnt there angelblue i no i am. if u need to chat just find me on here im happy to listen

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