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Anyone get a positive OPK on CD 20 or 21 and get a BFP?

Hello all! I am just curious, I have always had a regular cycle and the last two cycles I have been ovulating late. This month my opk was positive on CD 20. I am just curious how good my chances are of getting pregnant? Anyone been in a similar situation? I am 8 dpo or 8 days past first positive OPK....and just would like to know where I stand? Also, how many days late for AF were you when you got your BFP?? Please HELP!! Thanks!!

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If your luteal phase is at least 10 days long, you still have a pretty good chance. I can't say I've O'd that late, latest mine has been was cd19 but I O irregularly.

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I dont think the fact that you O earlier or later changes your odds at all....
you have just as much odds as anyone else.....
I guess the only difference is that you may only have 1 or 2 cycles less in a year than others.

a couple who does everything right, and has nothing against them (like pcos or low sperm count etc) has a 25% chance each cycle

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I think you are just fine as long as the LP is long enough like ARein83 said. I ovulate anywhere from CD19-CD36 and I actually got a BFP back in july (ended up mmc though). I think that one I OV'd on CD19 but I wasn't sure. I have read that the main problems with having a late ovulation day are that you get less chances to conceive over the course of time and you end up having to BD more often since you aren't sure when your OV date is going to arrive (which isn't a prob for a lot of guys).

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