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With my dd was a surpise baby, but things i noticed were

Sore boobs, and my viens were much darker, enough to notice.


Morning sickness (or in my case all day sickness)

The smell of pizza, one my favorite foods made me sick just to look at it!

And i think thats it!

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Dont think ive added to this post yet .....

Incase i didnt my only early symptom that i had was after O my creamy white CM never went away ... i did think it was a little odd but didnt know it could be a pregnancy symptom so i dismissed it lol

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Mine were:
1. Ridiculous need to wee about every 30 mins (yes night time too!!), and felt like I had cystitis. This started 6DPO.
2. Period-like cramping started at 11DPO. Felt so like AF was on the way I was running to the loo with towels stuffed up my sleeve.
3. Severe nausea from about 9DPO. But I loved it as I felt so pregnant!!!!
4. Sore and tingling boobs from 13 DPO.
5. Totally foul taste like something had sh*t in my mouth from about 12 DPO. Not metallic as most people report.
(Sadly the pg didn't last, but at least I'll know for sure when I'm next in the club!! Probably won't even need to bother with a test!!)

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Originally Posted by tink View Post
HI EM,i know what you mean about being impatient to start again,if it was a straight forward miscarriage they say there is no reason why you shouldnt start tryin again straight away,it just confuses the dates,as i am realising cos i dont know where the bloody hell i am up to!
I must say tho,i had m/c in 1996 and caught within the month with my dd who is a happy and healthy 11 yrs old next week!
Me and my OH are currently trying. My prevous pregnancy was lost only a week after I found out I was pregnant so didn't have alot of time to get used to being pregnant. It was a straight forward miscarried and had no pain at all. As I usually did with my cycle I would ovulate 2 weeks after the start of my AF and two weeks after my bleed of my miscarriage I started to ovulate so I have my fingers crossed for a in the next few weeks. Am trying not to get my hopes up but it's difficult not to.

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i'll keep my fingers crossed for you Em!witch not here for me yet either!

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Good luck Em & Tink xx

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I remember watching TV adverts for food and having to heave afterwards. That's how bad my sickness got... I couldn't even look at food!

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Good luck ladies!

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Originally Posted by insomnimama View Post
I wanna see pictures!
theres a pic of yesterdays test on my thread entitled okaaaay (i think) todaysa symptoms are sore n slightly swollen boobs (im a jj cup and its hard to notice much with em anymore) im still bunged up with cold symptoms, keep going light headed, cm is only there slightly, still got niggly pains down there, and the feeling of sick comes and goes. x

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I had creamy cm, cramps and the 'runs' lovely.

I honestly didn't think I was that month, just shows that no obvious symptoms can be just as good as obvious ones

Good luck everyone! xxx

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