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Old Jun 26th, 2008, 03:40 AM   41
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Well I would like to add to the symptoms. Bleeding gums and nasty tension headaches which wont shift.

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well at the mo i am getting all sorts of niggly pains in the womb area,but i keep thinking'yep here she comes'and she hasnt so far,i have noticed like tugging feeling,not so much as a pain,just wierd,and i had this about a week before i got my bfp before m/c in may??????my boobs look veiny but not on fire like they felt last time?????i am so hoping that the pinky cm i had last weekend was implant!!!!!did cheapy hpt from ebay this morn but an absolute neg!oh well,we will see.....hows everyone else?

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Old Jul 4th, 2008, 03:46 AM   43
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My symptoms at the moment.....

Spots...never seen so many - like being a teenager again
creamy/thick/sometimes not loads but i dont normally notice any....been there since OV
greasy face
lots of twinges and pains
shooting pains in boobs on and off (although i have had this before and not been pg)
sore nipples (get this every month since been off the pill although its usually really bad but this month its not half as bad)
smells made me feel yuk last night....couldnt even as i kept smelling things that made me wanna heave
really bad back ache, like someone is pinching my lower back on the sides...

probably not pregnancy symptoms but at least i'll know for next month that these are all normal for me....

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Old Jul 11th, 2008, 03:12 AM   44
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Thought I'd add my early symptoms to this epic thread for everyone still watching and waiting. I was a pretty obsessive symptom spotter in the 2ww, despite repeated attempts to stop myself, so here goes:

CD14-17: EWCM, sign of ov.
CD18: Much thinner CM, mild cramping, fatigue.
CD20: As above, plus really bad wind!
CD21: almost no CM, cramping, constipated, spots on chin, very flushed in the morning, exhausted that night, went to bed at 8.30
CD22: cramping, gas, bloated, increased appetite, 1 instance of very light pink discharge (implantation bleed?)
CD23: EWCM returns!
CD24: more cramping and fatigue
CD26: prolonged tightness in uterus throughout the morning
CD28: extreme fatigue - went to bed just after 8pm! Dizziness, disorientation, inability to focus attention. So bad I went to the doctor, but everything obvious was fine.

Then I pretty much stopped symptom spotting and waited to see if AF would show. After a week I tested and got my

The last few days I've noticed an increased need to pee and the wooziness has continued. This morning I also have a very tender belly, it feels slightly puffy and pressure makes me feel a bit sick. (Here comes the MS!!)

I have so far had no changes to my boobs! No swelling, no prominent veins, no change to the nipples, nothing.

Good luck ladies!

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I'd like to add some more for all you symptom spotters out there:

Tender boobs
Cramps (like AF but less intense)
Creamy white CM
Increased sense of smell
A cold

Hope that helps you all

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Old Jul 11th, 2008, 09:47 AM   46
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Oh yes, I had a cold too. A real nasty one at that. But it burnt out pretty fast for me, it was gone in two days, normally they linger for a week for me!

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I'm getting faint s and so far, I've had...

1.Great big, evil, teenage acne type spots. I mean great big humdingers, totally gross!!
2.Very sleepy very early in the evening *yawn* Have been in bed by 9.30pm each night this week,and having problems getting up in the morning too (very unlike me!)
3. 'Normal things' are smelling pukey! Can't stand the smell of bacon at the moment!!

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Old Jul 15th, 2008, 15:16 PM   48
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My main symptoms before getting were:

CD31 Sore nipples
CD31 Boobs got bigger - OH didn't seem to notice (!), but clothes were a lot tighter
Cramping from CD26 - slightly different to AF cramping. More of a tight/pulling feeling.
CD31 Tiredness. Not so much early in the day, but at 9pm, I would fall asleep watching tv and it normally takes me ages.
Occasional feelings of nausea around CD29 but this passed after a couple of days

Lots of babydust to all you ladies.

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Old Jul 15th, 2008, 15:28 PM   49
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Mine before BFP were:
1. Morning coffee didn't do it's usual trick
2. Mild nausea on 2 days (3 days before testing)
3. Breathlessness - suddenly one day I was out of puff climbing up 2 floors to my office!

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I didn't have many symptoms, but here's what I noticed:

1) More acne than usual
2) Crampy feeling (like AF, but not as strong)
3) Creamy CM (and more of it than usual)

So far, that's about it.

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