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My Symptoms!

Hi Girls!

I have been a lurker here since we started TTC in Nov! I got my BFP in the 3rd cycle of TTC. Was a bit superstitious of posting before the safe period was over
Here are my symptoms:
4DPO: thirsty
5DPO: Light headedness. Hot flashes for very short durations, bloating, thirsty, a spell of dizziness during lunch
6DPO: AF type cramps, hot flashes, bloating, emotional, thirsty
7DPO: AF type cramps increased, feeling cold, bloating lessened a little, thirsty, tested
8DPO: Cramps reduced quite a bit. Lower back ache is terrible, very less bloating, not thirsty, sneezes, neck ache, smelling sense increased
9 DPO: Dizziness spells. Not even able to put nail paint! trembling hands- light headed, sneezes. Crying at the drop of a hat!
10DPO: Little bloated, sneezing more than usual, slight headache, hunger reduced
11DPO: Not much symptom spotting. Slight headache, hunger reduced, slightly sore bbs, cud not drink 2 sips of beer, burpy
12DPO: Light headed, AF cramps, feeling wet down under, feeling cold at work, got little dizzy while making breakfast, hungry, sore bbs, bbs feeling little bit fuller, smelling sense increased, tugging in left of stomach for 2 minutes, headache!arms and leg paining from cold, thirsty, burpy, continuous tugging in stomach. Tested
13DPO: Tested twice

Hope this is helpful :-)
Lots of sticky baby dust to all

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the symptoms i had in early pg before i tested positive with my 1st pregnancy were :

waves of nausea all day
totally went off tea, it tasted fowl!
period type cramps, carried a tampax in my works uniform pocket for 3 days before eventually testing, lol
really, really painful boobs, thats what made me test - my niece jumped on my lap and knocked a boob which made me scream out in pain - was so sore!

early pg symptoms i got with pg no2, which unfortunately ended with my dd being born asleep @ 6 mths, this time last year were :

period type cramping with strange hot and burning sensation
painful, heavy boobs

i also got the waves of nausea at about 6 weeks

im now TTC again, but dont plan to test for another 10 days in case have 35 day cycle - i have 28 and 35 day cycles, which totally complicates things but im experiecing the following, but not getting over excited as have had same symptoms although not as strong several times now - the dreaded ips !

im on day 26, but as mentioned before not sure if 28 day cycle or not!

waves of nausea - all day for last 4-5 days
heavy boobs, not quite sore but a feeling that something is happening within , lol
light period type cramping
weeing a lot, specially today
salivating a lot more, although dont know if more aware of it as read earlier was a sign of pg
then these two strange events:
had a bout of what i think was ibs about a week ago, came on suddenly and lasted several days - googled all the symptoms and came up with ibs, seems to have passed now
have been dieting, lost 7 lbs in 3 weeks which is really good for me, have carried on being good and just can not lose another 1lb, just wont shift .. but think its too early to reach a plateau and its not an extreme diet, just really strange - this has never happened to me before, i always lose steadily

will just monitor the symptoms and test in about 10 days .. will be the week before lost dd so will be bitter sweet feeling if i am

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bumpety bump bump!!

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Sorry, this is really long, but I've just copied and pasted my symtom spotting from my journal. Just goes to show that not all BFP's appear at 10dpo and even if you don't 'feel' it.... Beany could have other things in store for you!

3dpo - CM - Thick, white, creamy, LOTS.
Pains - twingy feelings in my LHS, enough that I'm noticing them

4dpo -
* HUGE amounts of white creamy CM, like, it really is ridiculas....
* gassy in the evening (although that could have been the curry. lol)
* noticable ache/cramp in very upper left leg.
* twinges in abdomen
* increase in urinating.

* woke up at 6am, at 7am suddenly excruiatingly (sp) hungry, like gagged and thought I was going to vomit unless I ate right that second!!
* Very vivid and rather disturbing dream last night
* Stiff neck
* more twingy type feelings in abdomen/pelvis.
* and don't forget the gushes of creamy white CM
* CM still creamy, although now is slighty stretchy as well, only a little, but enough.
* Strong smelling urine, and considering I've drunk 3 pints of water since lunchtime I'm not sure how!
* Really yawny!! Probably couldn't sleep but boy I'm yawning for England right now!!
* Slightly bloated this afternoon/evening
* Continual twinges in my pelvis and abdomen all afternoon.
* slightly snappy at OH

Someone plass me a bed please..... cause I'm too tired to observe anything!!!
I fell asleep on the bus on the way home from school, so badly that I did the whole head
tilting forward thing, only to bash it on the window and bite my tounge! I must have looked a right idiot.
So fatigue, I think we can add fatigue to my list of observations. *ticks box*

Also sudden extreme hunger to the point of gagging/heaving when waking this morning,
give me food noooooooooooowwwwww is about how it went.
Reaaaalllly thirsty all day, leading to toilet stops every hour, where I've observed a lack of CM in anyform.
Tired, did I mention I'm tired??

Last night I was sound asleep by 9.30pm!!! I don't think I've done that for a good couple of years,
slept all the way through until 6am this morning as well. Within 15 mins of leaving the house at 7am,
I was yawning again and have spent the day continuing the same... *yawn*
Still no appetite, literally forcing myself to eat something at the times allocated to eating,
(work breaks) certainly not enjoying anything I am eating though... again, very strange.
CM still barely exsistant....
Really really thirsty, constantly. water please???
oh... and I became aware of my BB's last night... Obviously I'm aware of them,
but last night when removing my bra I noticed that they were feeling somewhat fuller
and heavier then they had the night before.
um... mild heartburn spasms during the day and am slightly... well... constipated.(but yet gassy)
again, not usually an issue for me

*Not feeling quite as tired, still tired, just not as bad as the last two days.
*Bloated, gassy and constipated, need I say more...
*Drinking gallons of water.
*my normally quite enjoyed herbal tea tasted horrid at lunch and promptly got tipped down the sink
* heartburn and indegestion in waves throughout day
*early morning insomnia, awake at 5am.
*boobs very slightly sore when running down hallway chasing child today.
however not sore now when poking and prodding at them

Um... well.... Unfortunately I really have nothing that feels worthy of noting.
No super human strength smell, no nausea, no massive fatigue,
(general tiredness but 4 mornings in a row being awake at 5am(ish) doesn't help that!!)
no frequent trips to the little girls room, poking and prodding of the twins
isn't producing any soreness, appetite has returned to normal. (Although the banana I just
ate really isn't sitting well right now...)

Slightly bloated, and still a little blocked up down there. but feeling extremly 'un-pregnant'

BFP dream
really emotional and irritable at OH over something that usually wouldn't bother me,
crying lots for silly reasons.

early morning insomnia kicks in.
return to lots of creamy cm
Tested with sainsburys own brand - EVAP! (line after time limit)

* sore boobs! They are finally feeling tender and heavy...
(of course this could be because AF is due in 3 days...)
* Bloated.
* Really thirsty
* frequent peeing
* So stupidly tired, even though I actually manged to sleep in till 9am this morning,
(after waking up at 6.30 to take temp)
* CM is wet/creamy
* strange vivid dreams again last night,
* very mild waves of nausea

Tested - EVAP! (sainsburys own brand)
slight temp dip
yucky AF style cramps this morning, lots of sharp pains and twinges down there
started thinking I was completely out for teh month, just didn't 'feel' pregnant.
got to thinking about next cycle, so convinced I was out, i had 2 cocktails at lunch with friends!

further slight temp dip (still above coverline)
cervix was soft, low and open
Boobs are sore and I've been getting AF style cramps on and off all day.

SOOOO very convinced I was out for the month, fully expected AF to arrive the following day.

temp back on the rise!?!?!
still sore boobs, toilet stops every hr, yawning my head off after 8hrs sleep last night.
but thats it, no nausea, no super human smell,

did an opk in the evening, glaring positive, at this stage I started to resume a little more hope...

Positive HPT with 2mu on FRER, faint, but there,

+HPT with FMU on Frer, line much darker today, but still no where near control line

Dark + hpt with superdrug own brand.

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such a good thread girls

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1-2-3 dpo: mild cramps, lots of CM
4-5-6 dpo: abundant CM
7 dpo: dull sensation in lower abdomen, tiredness (had a short night so might be unrelated), boobs feel a little bit bigger (I might just imagine that)
8 dpo: mild cramps, tiredness, feeling depressed, boobs still feel weird
9 dpo: Still very tired (fell asleep on the couch yesterday), mild headache, general feeling of being "unwell", boobs feeling weird
10 dpo: same + BFP
11 dpo: same + BFP

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My symptoms are boobs aching (the left one is aching more but that one has always been a bit awkward lol), moody, tired, feeling very bloated, a weird feeling in my stomach -- well I'm not sure it's a weird feeling but I just seem to be really aware of my stomach, could be the bloating maybe. No cravings or anything but today I felt nauseous for the first time! Yey Oh and my hands/arms are really cold and aching, especially the right hand/arm but might be unrelated to pregnancy.

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There is way too many pages for me to read through on this thread at the moment but i thought that i would post this link that i just found...i think you ladies will find it very interesting and helpful with EPS.


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cheers mslesley that site is great !!! unfortunaltly i have no symptoms ither than a little dull ache on the left side !

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