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Curious as to if you ended up being pregnant?

I was looking through some posts and came across yours. I am experiencing many of the same symptoms.At 6 dpo I had implantation spotting (brown and scant, only went using the toilet). I used an EPT test at about 10 dpo in the early afternoon (blue dye +/- test) and I recieved a very very faint positive after the 2 minute wait and it looked to me almost like a waterline. I took two tests the very next day in the evening and both were negative. I'm still a couple days away from AF ( due jan. 27) and since I was curious i checked my CP which was very high and closed. Sorry if TMI but I almost couldnt even touch it it was so high! anyway I've heard this could be typical of early pregnancy and I'm just wondering if you actually ended up being pregnant?
please respond
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