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View Poll Results: How did Soy Isoflavones Work for You?
I got a BFP after Taking Soy Isoflavones! 44 12.94%
No BFP yet but still patiently taking Soy Isoflavones 70 20.59%
Soy Isoflavones improved my cycle 34 10.00%
Soy Isoflavones increased LP 9 2.65%
Soy Isoflavones did nothing for me, no change in cycle 21 6.18%
Soy Isoflavones made cycle worse 29 8.53%
Have not taken Soy Isoflavones, or Am not taking 100 29.41%
I'm using B vitamins right now, too early for results 23 6.76%
Other (Explain what affect B-vitamins had on you) 10 2.94%
Voters: 340. You may not vote on this poll

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Soy Isoflavones Poll

Soy Isoflavones?

I made this topic based on the topic called "".

I would like to know the success rate of Soy Isoflavones with actual numbers. It seems to work for some but not for others. It would be good to know how many it worked for compared to how many it did not work for or how many it made things worse for or how many it did nothing for.

It seems Soy Isoflavones are supposed to make better eggs and help with ovulation and perhaps make the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle longer and fix problems with irregular periods?

Soy Isoflavones seem to be best for those who have irregular periods or those who have problems ovulating. It is usually recommended for those who need to take Clomid to help with ovulation.

And it seems that Soy Isoflavones are not recommended for those who have normal periods.

It seems that people take Soy Isoflavones in twice the amount of Clomid. For example, if someone needs 50 mg of Clomid, it is best that they take 100 mg of Soy Isoflavones.

It seems Soy Isoflavones are to be taken for five days on the days that Clomid is usually taken, such as on cycle days 3-7 or 5-9.

How did it work for those who tried it? Is there any other information about Soy Isoflavones that would be helpful? Did I say something wrong in this post?

I also did a topic similar to this one called "" to compare B-Vitamins to Soy Isoflavones.

List of those taking Soy Isoflavones:

AG75 (I'm on CD8 and took my last dose of 160mgs of Soy Iso last night. Have a box of OPKs ready and am gonna wait until CD10 to start testing.)
AmorT (im on CD14 I also took mines 3-7)
bumski (days 5-9, 200mg of soy, from tesco)
Charisse28 (160mgs CD5-9; TTC #2 for almost 6 months, third month on Soy)
chelseaharvey (CD3-7; had been trying for 27 months; had a scan on CD22 because fertility doctor to see if anything was going on..was being refered next month for private treatment... told i had not ovulated nor showed any signs of it happening anytime soon; 10 days later i got my - total shock)
CLH_X3 (5-9, 100mg)
Danniii (5 days, 3 (Holland and Barrett) tablets per day, add up to 69mg; planning on taking 5 H&B tablets, which I think are 23mg each, and therefore adds up to about 115mg per day)
Daisys_mummy (I thought seeing as I'm taking the soy, I thought I'd better come a join this thread Lol)
Feelcrazy (so I got pure soy usoflavones and am happy I found them. So I took 100mg yesterday and 120mg today. I also have heard it's good to increase grandually. I'm on cd 8. Unfortunatley I started taking them too late hoping it still works, I usually ovulate cd 23)
Folly (cycle days 5-9 but I'm just going with a low dose. I took 40mg on CD5, 80mg yesterday, then I think maybe 80mg again today and two days of 120mg. No side effects yet, If they don't help this month I'll try an earlier and higher dose next month!)
Gurlsan (I took soy this cycle for the first time days 3-7, and I ovulated 2 days earlier. I have cycles of 31 days and I usually ovulate between day 18-23. I'm currently on cycle day 25- 9dpo, crossing my fingers that this cycle is finally it.) UPDATE: (This was the first cycle that I have used Soy Isoflavones, and guess what??? I got a second line on the pregnancy test. ! at 11dpo.; it's been 3yrs that we have been TTC our 1st with no luck, I have never had a positive preggo test before.; I took Soy Isoflavones on cycle days 3-7, and ovulated 2 days earlier than usual with stronger cramps (cycle day 16).; Took Soy Isoflavones, used Preseed (10th cycle on preseed), Used softcups (4th cycle), took my One a day multivitamin, Flaxseed oil, and lost 10lbs this month.)
Hoping1986 (CD2-CD6), (100mg)
inkdchick (taking soy isoflavones for the first time; from CD 2 to 6 160mg each day; tesco soy iso)
kake1980 (my first month using soy - took 100mg CD 3-7, using Natures Aid Soy Isoflavones. Have been TTcCfor about a year now)
Killeen_TTC (I started taking Soy 204mg CD2 and am going to take it through CD6. I am 25 and we have been TTC for over a year now with no luck. My cycles are anywhere from 28-32days and LP has been getting shorter every month (11days last cycle), I do ovulate on my own around CD15 but I don't think my egg quality is good so hopefully Soy will help.)
krissie328 (I am on CD 7 and I just completed my last dose of soy)
LifeIsPeachy (160mgs CD2-4; and 200mgs CD5-6)
LisaBananaman (days 3-7: 100mg of soy)
Megg33k (I got both of my with Soy Isoflavones... but I lost both. We think it was due to low progesterone... but no real proof as they were both blighted ovum found way after growth had stopped. Nevertheless, they did work for me, and I liked them much more than Clomid! As my siggy suggests, I've since moved on though.)
mindyb85 (taking 100mg on cd3-7)
minkysouth1 (92mg CD 4 & 5, 120mg CD 6 & 7, 160mg CD 8. Also taking B50 complex and EPO)
misssancha (CD 3-7, 100 mg)
Nise (100mg of Natures Aid Soya Isoflavones, CD's 5-9)
pinkylisa28 1st month on soy (sept-1-2010), had been TTC for 13months (days 3-7 of a 35 day cycle)
pink mum (starting it on cd3, about 100mg (menosoy) first 3days n will increase the dose to 150)
poppy666 (nearly 41; i got mine from Tesco's 40mg each tab so thinking 3 tabs a night; cd2-6, think i ov'd 3 days early yesterday so we will see; UPDATE: i took 160mg first 3 days then upped it to 200mg cd2-6.. did get some spotting over first 11 days, plus i ov'd a little later than i thought i would)
RhiannonBaby after 1st month on Soy Isoflavones after 11 months TTC (CD2-50mg; CD3-100mg; CD4-150mg; CD5-150mg; CD6-200mg; friend suggested that "gradually increasing the dosage over the 5 days seems to be helpful.")
roopachoo Soy worked for me on first cycle using it!; I took the Tesco brand- 40mg to so easier to measure out dose.; Thank God I found B&B and found out about soy - tried it on my first proper cycle after implanon removal otherwise who knows how long it would've taken.; I knew that I ovulated on my own so I didn't take the full whack dosage, CD3- 80mg, CD4- 80mg, CD5- 100mg, CD6- 120mg, CD7-160mg; I planned to take only 140mg on CD7 but it was Friday night and I'd had a few glasses of wine and thought what the hey! Glad I did now for that extra little boost. Increasing the dosage works better I think (thanks RhiannonBaby) as it mimics gradually increasing oestrogen levels in a normal cycle.
shellie31 (days 2-6, started off at 150mg the 1st 2 days then upped it to 200mg for the last 3. I haven't had any spots that usually happens just before the flys in . I have however had a very slight aching all over my belly & low backache,nothing i can't handle though lol . I just wondered if any of you were extra horny? i am seriously so horny lol & all i want to do is jump on DH... I wonder if this could be down to the soy? (hope so cos i don't usually have a very high sex drive & that would be great))
southerngal2 (I'm taking 100mg on CD 3-7; I got my yesterday! First month using Soy!)
Stash777 (CD3-7;The soy I'm using is by Nature's Way; 140 mg red clover and 100 mg non-GMO soy isoflavones. I'm taking them along side EPO (1300mg) and vitex (400 mg 3x day). I have extremely irregular cycles, 3 were regular but avg 41 days. According to my dr, I most likely am not ovulating, so I will update if I O this month (I'll be charting, using opks, and checking CM). Hope this helps)
starz (I did some searching on Soy Isoflavone, purchased my first bottle from the us spring valley 40mg; This is my first month. I took it days 3-7
5X40mg =200mg the 7th day I upped the dose to 220mg, Im on CD 10 will let you know how I go!)
Tanya8 (I have very irregular cycles. Last November I got off BC and didn't have AF until June. The next cycle was 58 days, followed by one of 59 days. I took soy this time around (CD5-9 120mg). Soy moved my O up by 8 days. I Oed on CD39 which is not great, but way better than CD47. Next month, I'll up my dosage in hopes of improving my cycle even more.)
Toots216 got first 2 days ago at 8 DPO; TTC for 5 months (80 mg soy, CD 2 - 6; I haven't had any issues with anovulation in the past, but the soy helped bump my O up 4 days earlier)
truly_blessed (CD3-CD6, in the evening and 120 mg Tescos brand)
wifey29 (80mg CD2 to CD6)
xshell79 (cd3 to cd7, 115mg; i got my today 12dpo thanks to soy, bvits and metformin ..hope its a sticky one!)
xMissxZoiex ( 23/10/10, first Cycle on it, i gradually increased it CD2 i had just 40mg CD3 80mg CD4 120mg CD5 160mg CD6 160mg, It worked for me! x; Im on my first month using it .. took my last ones today!)

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No idea yet hun. I'm 40 and had MMC in Nov lat year. I'm just starting cycle 5 of TTC in earnest and trying soy in attempt to get a better quality egg. My cycle is fairly regular at 30 days although June was 31 and July was 32 but the CBFM is showing a peak every months so I presume it's picking up LH and ovulation (around day 15-17). I started soy this cycle on CD2 and taking until CD6. I have 40 mg tablets so just taking 2 for the first 4 days and 3 on day 5 then stopping.

Will update your poll when I have news :-) x

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List of those taking Soy Isoflavones

I can make a list of those taking Soy Isoflavones and then add BFP next to their name if they get it. That way, we can count the "Number of BFPs from Soy Isoflavones" based on the list.

So for those who want to be added to the "Those taking Soy Isoflavones" list, just let me know. Also, you can tell me the dosage you are taking and perhaps the brand or any other information.

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Hi, I'm happy to join in the research here. I am currently doing my first cycle with the aid of soy (I looked into it for a long time before taking the plunge as I am aware that it has been know to throw some peoples cycles off kilter - so I don't think it's something you should do rashly). But having exhausted all avenues with doctor and then FS and gone through many tests, scans etc I am left with unexplained infertility - this based largely on my age. Despite being told everything is normal I have for some time suspected that maybe the problem is that I O a little early (usually CD10 or 11) but this doesn't seem to bother the doc or the FS. Anyhow, I thought I would try soy as a last ditched attempt to delay O and I took 100mg of Natures Aid Soya Isoflavones (that brand comes in 50mg tablets so it's easier to get the dosage right a lot of the brands come in 30 & 40mgs) I took my tablets on CD's 5-9 and according to FF I ovulated on CD13 - so managed to delay O by 3 days, a result I'm pretty pleased with and temps would suggest that O did take place. I'll keep you posted as to how things go - I'm currently 5dpo.

Good luck to anyone else currently taking the soy plunge.

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well I've done on the soy for this cycle, was a bit unsure about the effects it might have so decided to go on a low dose to start with. I did

CD2 - 80 mg
CD3 - 80 mg
CD4 - 80 mg
CD5 - 80 mg
CD 6 - 120 mg

I'm using Tescos own brand 40 mg per tablet. Took them late evening as some people had mentioned they can give you headaches but not really noticed any effects yet. There's been a bit of what could be ovulation twinges but then again it might just be wind it seems to be on both sides as well. We'll see what happens now.

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Oooo good thread,I've been really interested to see how much success this brings.I hope all the soy users join xx

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Hi - I've just started Soy this cycle, so not sure what effect will be for me yet. I took 100mg of soy on days 3-7. I am hoping to bring forward my OV (currently around CDs 19-23), extend my LP and get rid of my pre-AF spotting.

Will let people know how I got on.

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Hey guys,
I've been TTC since March, but have only had one AF (in March), and therefore don't think I'm OV at all since. So, after doing some research I've decided to try Soy Isoflavones to see whether it will help. Don't know what day of my cycle I'm on obviously (probably about day 109!!!), so I'm going to take them from today for 5 days and see what happens. It's from Holland and Barrett and says it's 750mg, but it only has 23g Isoflavones, so I might take one in the morning, and one at night. (It does say take 2-3 times daily, so I hope that's ok!!) Hoping for my BFP, and no side-effects!!
Good to find other people trying it too. Don't feel so crazy for getting it now!
I'll keep you posted.

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Hmm.. Well I was going to try it. However, I cannot find it anywhere. I have looked practically everywhere I can think of. I guess I will keep on with what I am currently doing until I can get it either online or find it in a store.

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im taking 115mg cd3 to cd7 as ive been told im probably not ovulating.........

good luck ladies fx we get our bfps soon xxx

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