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CD 5/6 ovulation??

Hi all,
just wondering if someone can help!

I've been doing OPKs now for the last 10 months or so, and always get positves around CD 11 - 14. 'Usually' get EWCM for two days or so.
However, these last few months, I've noticed I'm getting what appears to be a fair old amount of EWCM on CD5/6. So I guess this could mean I ovulate CD 7/8??
AF normally only lasts couple of days, then a day of spotting.
I've never actually done an OPK test this early, as I was getting positives later on in the cycle.

Is it possible to OV twice? Is it possible to OV so early - if so, this would mean a 20 day LH phase......?

Bit confused, but as of last night have extended our baby making schedule!!! :-)

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Love to all & Babydust

Update: I've now had 3 days of what appears to be EWCM, and today have had cramps / low backache / boobs are twice the size and ache........
Could I be pregnant even thoug i had a one day bleed....?

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