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Please Help Me Interpret My BBT Chart!

The main thing I want to do is determine the best cycle day to do an artificial insemination. Should I do it a day before I get a positive OPK test, or should I do it the day I get the positive OPK test, or should I do it the day after I get a positive OPK test?

For the standard, or "example", or "representative", Basil Body Temperature Chart (BBT), in the first part of the cycle, before ovulation, the temperatures are always low. Then in about the middle of the cycle, a temperature spike happens and then ovulation happens. Next, the temperatures rise and remain higher in the luteal phase. When the next cycle happens, or when the first bleed happens, the temperature drops again and the cycle repeats itself.

A "typical", "standard", or "representative", basil body temperature chart is at top of this next picture:

My chart looks a little different from the "standard" BBT Chart.

On my chart, for the past 3 months, the temperatures are low at first when the cycle starts, but then I get a huge temperature spike on the day the OPK test is positive (meaning there is an LH surge, and ovulation is predicted to happen 24-36 hours after this). The day ovulation is "predicted", which is the next day after the positive OPK test, has a lower temperature, but then the temperatures climbs after that in the next few days, indicating the start of the luteal phase of the cycle.

This trend always happens on my chart no matter what, all the time, on the last three charts.

I would like to know when would be the best day to do the artificial insemination? Should I do the artificial insemination a day before the positive OPK test? Should I do the artificial insemination the day of the positive OPK test, where the temperature spikes for that day?

For the last cycle, I did artificial insemination soon after I got a positive OPK test. The month before that, I did artificial insemination about two days before the positive OPK test.

Overall, I would like to know exactly when would be the best day to do the artificial insemination to increase chances of pregnancy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are charts that show the last three cycles. They all show the same trend, which is different from the representative BBT chart. The day before ovulation, I get a temperature spike as well as a positive OPK test. The day of ovulation, the temperature drops back down, and then climbs the next few days after that until the temperature remains steady in the luteal phase:

May-June Cycle

June-July Cycle

July-August Cycle

3 Cycles Together

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sorry im not much help but i didnt want to read and leave. if i was you i'd do it the day before or the day of. good luck!

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Your cycle seems pretty regular - +ve OPK on Day 13/14 each time.
Is it possible for you to do the AI twice? Maybe do AI on Day 12 and then on the day of +ve OPK?
Else on the day of +ve - the OPK shows the LH surge, it's the temp that shows if you actually ov or not - which will happen soon after the LH surge.


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looking at your charts, I would do it the day you get your positive.
It is better to have the sperm there waiting for the egg than to have the sperm trying to race to the egg in time

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