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I hear that women can be super fertile?

Coming off the pill supposidly some women are SUPER FERTILE! ..... now this scares me because it has been know that because you come off the pill your ovaries release more than one egg sometimes and more often, meaning you may get multiple births... i'm certainly not ready for twins or something if i am one of those women who become super fertile haha. I'm thinking should i wait? or just take my chance? Has anyone ever heard of this ???

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Hummm...I miscarried the cycle after coming off the pill two seperate times. It really screws up our bodies.

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ive never heard of this ,but goodluck x

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I haven't heard of that. When I came off the pill it took over a month before I even ovulated. I wouldn't worry about it.

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I've heard many times that some women will be highly fertile when coming off the pill, but I've never heard about it increasing the likelihood of multiple births...

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I dunno about this

Everyone is different, might happen.

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I became pregnant on the pilL first time. Dont know if the irregular/fast cycle has some to do w it. But second happened the day my period ended-ish. There's so many factors that play in. Those genetic inputs to my perfect child didnt try hard to reproduce. Mustve been sum my kiddo preferred. Only speculating...

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Though it does essentially "increase" your chances of multiples, they are still INCREDIBLY slim. I think I read your chances go from like 1% to 3%. If you REALLY object to multiples you can wait, but it's totally up to you.

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My gf had fraternal twins the month she came off the pill. The pill can make you hyper ovulate or it can put your ovaries into deep suppression (where they don't come back when off the pill). It's a crap shoot either way, I say go for it!

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