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hey hun, I have no real advice but i was diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago. At the time I wasnt ttc, I was just in incredible pain and the most irregular af in the world! I was put on Metformin to help regulate the periods (I assume) but it made me very sick and I gave up on it way too soon!! You really need to take it with meals and let your body adjust to it! I dont know your health or BMI.. and you dont need to say, but if its over 30 and you're overweight then the best thing you can do is lose the weight. Its not easy, and having insulin resistance we do find it harder to lose weight. However, I have finially managed to lose 2.5 stone with calorie control and regular exercise and for about 6-7 months I have been ovulating regular, Im pain free and now I am pregnant! Just losing a small amount of weight can kick start your body to ovulate!

PCOS doesn't mean it wont happen for you!! I never tried the fertility treatment, Im on the waiting list but conceived naturally in the meantime. I really hope it works for you!! I cant recommend enough how important a healthy body is for reducing the symptoms of PCOS xxxxxx

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