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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Starting my 2nd cycle of clomid

My name is Betty and this is my first time on the Forum. My reason for registering to this forum is because I received a call
from the doc advising that I wasnít pregnant and that the first cycle of clomid wasnít a success. Iím a little upset and frustrated because of this news but Iím hoping I can get some help and feedback from you guys for my frustration to run off.

I started off by taking 50mg on the 5th day of my last period but either Iím doing something wrong or this med takes a little time to kick in. the doc said he would call the pharmacy to prescribe me a second dosage of clomid at a higher mg. this afternoon.

Back in June the doc had me get all types of test done and everything came back negative. As for my husband, all came back good too. Sperm count and all were perfect. Iím not understanding why this med isnít working as quick as it has for others on here.

Guys please help me here. Itís been a long journey for my husband and me trying for over 5 years with no success. Actually Iím lying. I had a miscarriage in 2005 but since then I havenít gotten pregnant.


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Pregnant (Expecting)
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hi betty i was just wondering what clomid is?is it some thing when u cant conceive? i have been trying for 6 months now

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