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Do you think anxiety and panic attacks can cause a miscarriage?

I'm ttc at the moment, but am suffering from terrible panic attacks and anxiety. I know that this will probably not help me to conceive, but I was wondering whether it can cause mc?

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Hey hun, I am not sure tbh. But I suffer with axiexty and I know how you are feeling so if you ever wanna chat pm me! I think you just have to accept them sometimes in life there are things that happen and it is ok to get anxious! I spent years worried everytime I got anxious but it is healthy sometimes. Hang in there and praying you get your BFP soon xxxx

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thanks for your reply. I've just been signed off work with panic attacks. Haven't had any for nearly 3 years now, so really miffed that they've come back.

They're so scary and horrible! I'm just worried that if I do get my BFP, I will worry myself into another mc.