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Yeah Ive just starting TTCing after waiting for years to get DH around to the idea and also whillst getting our jobs and house and wedding sorted etc.

My Best friend is actually in labour at the moment with her child she fell pregnant with after like 6 months with her OH.

Its just not fair. Im not bitter yet...but I certainly know I have the potential to be.

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i think they need to really badly think about what they are doing and getting themselves into, cause i see her getting pregnant and then it all going to sh*t and then her going on about how she'll be fine on her own but making a huge fuss about the fact hes not there for the kid they senselessly brought into the world. If they cant even work out what they want with each other and then go from one extreme to another i seriously feel sorry for the baby they eventually conceive. It made me angry just reading what you wrote, so yes you have every right on earth to be angry at an Immature person like her.

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