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symptoms of a BFN cycle and a BFP cycle

If this offends plese report and the thread can be moved as i dont want to offend anyone

i have been keeping notes for along time so i thought i would share what my symptoms were for both types of cycles in hope it can make the others with a million symptoms and a BFN not feel so crazy.

1 DPO stomach cramps and soft poop
2 DPO thirsty
3 Dpo cervix tingle
4 DPO crampy feeling
5 DPO nausea at night when taking tablets
6 DPO nausea and food craving sweet or carb (depends on my thyroid)
7 DPO nause and starving, sore boobs cant touch
8 DPO nausea, crapms, mood swings, toilet trips increasing, sore boobs cant touch
9 DPO CM getting thicker, sore boobs cant touch
10 DPO super thick CM, sore boobs cant touch
11DPO CM drying up, sore boobs cant touch
12 DPO eye aches, cramp, nausea, food smells strong
13 DPO no CM at all. nausea, i need sex, boobs are sore just nipples
14 DPO the this date can varry as i am stressed with uni

1 DPO stomach cramps and soft poop
2 DPO thirsty
3 Dpo cervix tingle
4 DPO CM white but not super thick
5 DPO need sex, gums hurt
6 DPO gums bleeding when brushing teeth, stomach feel diferant
7 DPO gums tender, dinking lots, emotional
8DPO craving dairy, emotional
9 DPo tears over nothing
10 DPO

I hope this can help others and the BFP has been the same for all pregnancys ones that go all the way and the ones that are MC.

Baby dust to all

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