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No Positive OPK this month?

Hello all,
I always get a clear positive OPK anywhere from CD 13-15 each month. It is always very clear using an internet cheapie. This month I started testing on CD 13 and now it is CD 16 and there has not been a clear positive thus far. My body now feels as if it ovulated as I have no more EWCM and my bbs are sore. I don't know when I could have ovulated unless it was before CD13 but even then, I didn't feel any ov pains, which I normally do. Anyone have this happen to them? Any explanations?
I suppose it is also possible that I just haven't ovulated yet...though why the symptoms that I usually get after OV?

I'm getting tired of this TTC rollercoaster..


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same thing been happening to me i was supposed to ovulate wednesday but ive been getting neg opk's all week and same thing happened last cycle either im not ovulating or i have a bad batch of internet cheapies!

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