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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Originally Posted by Suzanne View Post
Hello hun, I think I might see what happens overnight and maybe test in the morning! The problem is not knowing when to expect it grr LOL!

Thank you for the I am gonna give ya some back cos I hear the got you 4 days late stoopid hopefully next month will be yours hun!

LOL @ Bodyguard I cant help but stick by you ladies, you have all been though so much and here I am with two gorgeous children and never had a problem TTC with either of them so will never know the pain you go through month after month, so if I can be there to give a little bit of love then im happy!
Good luck, any news hun??? x.

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Hey hun! Well I tested a short while ago and shouldnt of bothered it was like weeing water LMAO! Ive been on the loo all day at work but ive got more cramping now, spose to be out tonight on a hen night but not sure what to do, maybe go and stay away from the drink or I might end up in the loo all night as well LOL!

Its weird cos all my symptoms come on at night but by the time I wake in the morning they have all gone, other than the tender boob situation LOL that is there 24/7 and has been the last few days! My BBT is 36.6 my usual base temp is between 36.2 and 36.4

The things is if I was to take the withdrawal bleed that I had on the 14th as AF (as it was hideous, very heavy etc so it was a tad much for withdrawal) then I could of OV'd around the 28th (If I OV'd this month) and I on the 26th and 27th so I might have caught it, possibly not might have been a tad to late! So now I will see if I have an AF around the 11th August however if I happen to have a "show" around Sunday or Monday then it might be implantation.... arghhhh its all too much LOL!

Whats the bets shows herself tonight, me and 3 of my friends who are going out tonight are all due yesterday/today it could be a mad rush to the looooooooo

Anyway i will say goodnight now and will probably catch up with you all over the weekend x x x x x

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help , ladies

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