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LH surging over night... not in afternoon

I uses both OPKs and CBFM

so "they" say your LH is suppose to surge during the day... well I can tell ya at first yep thats exactly what was happening to me...for a few cycles...but NOPE not this month..

When CBFM hits high, it means your estrogen is risen, the next step would be a Peak, meaning your LH has risen... well since the CBFM uses FMU, I also use OPKs in the afternoon/evening when I am on high days, to try to make sure I catch my LH the afternoon/evening….so typically I go high for 2-3 days, then use an OPK in evening, and when that I get my +OPK next AM my CBFM will hit Peak… … well it didn’t work for me that way this cycle… as of Friday Night my OPK still showed negative (10pm) and next morning my CBFM hit its peak(6am) … meaning my LH did really peak during the middle of the night…something go keep in mind…

This happen with a lot of you other girls ?

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I get +OPK's in the mornings. At first I only got them in the mornings (and missed it a few months until I asked on here and the girls suggested testing twice a day - I have to test early a.m. before work and then again evening when I get in) but now I can get a +OPK at night/the next morning or one morning/that night. So if you're not catching the surge definitely worth testing in the morning too! :-)

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I wouldn't worry too much about the exact timing. When you get your LH surge on the CBFM ovulation occurs 24-36 hours later so providing you BD that day and the day after it won't make any difference as healthy spearm lives for up to 5 days inside you anyway.


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