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what does this mean?

i was due to ovulate on the 18th. i had discharge around the 16th, then it stopped. i've been fairly dry since, except today and yesterday...i had this super wet feeling and when i looked at my panties, there was a yellow-ish dried up discharge. (lol, it was not pee!) i have been experiencing lots of ovarian burning/throbbing since around the 16th also, when the discharge began. i took a fertility test for poops and laughs but it was negative. does this mean i didn't ovulate this month? has anyone else experienced this? is it normal to get a negative fertility test POST expected ovulation? thank you and God bless!

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I am kinda in the same boat as you this month!!

My fertile week was the 13th through the 18th and didn't have ANY of my normal signs of Ov. Which is CM changes(sticky to slipper/wet and abundant!), sore nipples and so forth. None of those!

I don't/haven't used the OPK's or anything like that for over a year since I eventually noticed a pattern and didn't need them anymore.

It was either no ovulation, early ovulation, late ovulation or pregnancy. There is still a chance you can ovulate without any of the signs. But, since NOT having any of my usual signs of OV, that is suspicious.

Wish I could have helped more!!

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