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Robitussin & cough syrup warning

Hello ladies

I see a lot of threads on here about cough syrup helping with CM, supposedly by thinning it out. While I'm not really sure about the science behind that, maybe it does work!! But there's one thing I want all of you ladies to please keep in mind...

A lot of cough syrups have a cough suppressant in them called dextromethorphan (also known as DXM). This drug, if ingested in large quantities, can mimic the effects of some methamphetamines and some kids use this stuff to get HIGH. So a lot of it is definitely NOT good for you. If you don't believe me, I can tell you some stories about my younger days experimenting with ecstasy and how we knew to watch out for bunk/fake hits made with DXM instead, because it was very similar to the real deal.

So please, if you are going to go the Robitussin route, check the active ingredients on your label and if it has DXM in it, then please do not exceed the recommended dosage on the label.

PS - I'm not trying to stress anyone out by causing unnecessary worry! I just want you all to be smart about this TTC and have a happy babymaking!!

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If you but the mucinex pills in the blue box they are 1 pill every 12 hours and the ONLY ingredients is the "G' stuff that you are looking for...I used them with both pregnancies and was succesful...Just have to remember LOTS of water with them.

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