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pregnancy fear when its time to get busy! Help

I have had 3 early m/c this year and now have progesterone prescription to try and help the baby stick around. We have decided after a short break we want to try again. However, now it is the big week, I should O in a few days but all of a sudden I am terrified about getting pregnant.

I have felt gross from about 7dpo with all of my pregnancies and am not wanting to feel like that again - for (hopefully) even longer. Labor scares me from afar and caring for an I crazy, do I really want to do this? Yes, I do 99% of the time.

Now I think I have spooked myself. I want to be a mother so badly and my husband is eager to be a daddy but now I am terrified to try, and at the same time terrified that my anxiety will mess with ovulation and prevent us getting pregnant. I am a basket case...

Anyone else get pregnancy phobia when its time to get busy? Am I alone in this?

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I'm about the same, I have mixed feelings.

I really want to have a baby/start a family, but I'm at the same time scared of having one.
Last cycle, when I was ovulated, I was really excited to BD.
But, during 2WW, I was scared that I would get a BFP. I did a bunch of online quizzes of "Am I ready to be a mother/ for parenthood?" because I thought I wasn't 110000% emotionally ready to be a mom. I guess because I don't have experience w/ kids at all.
When I ended up with a BFN, I was really sad, and somehow a little bit glad too, probably my egg realized my feeling. I feel ashamed.

I hope this month I'm more ready.

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