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Originally Posted by blueeyedgirl1 View Post
Originally Posted by jenbrem View Post
me and dh came back from honeymoon in las vegas... we have been ttc for 29 months and did a lot of BDing whilst over there as you do when on honeymoon...

i had to go through the x-ray scanner thingy! i said no cos i think i'm preggers and they said if you refuse we will have to do internal! in other wards bend over and relax! they convinced me that the radiation was not enough to harm any pregnancy! i was so embarrassed that i was singled out and that there was a crowd gathering round i ended up giving in... !! turned out i wasn't pg but it thought of the radiation that i was exposed to worries me! but the last i heard they were taking them away again because there have been illnesses cause from it, and i should have complained to the airline/airport for the forcing of going through the scanner and for the possible damage to my health! not to mention them treating me like a criminal for not wanting to go through the scanner! peeved is not the word!

but there isn't much i can do about it now! it's to late.
Whoa! That's really not on! From what I've heard (I have family that work in the aircraft industry so trust them relatively with the info they give me) it's the scanner or a pat-down - NOT an internal exam!!

I would have made a huge fuss, demanded to speak to their manager, head of security, etc. I think some people are just too keen on lording over others and abusing their authority. They should never have told you that!
i was to embarrassed and graeme my OH was already through and couldn't hear or figure out what was going on! so he couldn't come to my defence! when he did find out what was happening he went mental! but by then it was to late!, i did see a few people looking at me as if i were a mental patient! so i was shamed into the scanner!!


not very fair but hey

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