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Hungry Hippo during ovulation week?

Ever since I had my daughter in Jan, I swear I have become a ravenous beastie during O time and AF time. This is of course playing hell on my diet and weight loss.

Does anyone else get extreme hunger during O week? Or is it just me?

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Me too OH jokes that I would eat him if he sat still long enough!

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I think it's normal for our bodies to change... I never realized how much mine had until I started tracking everything! lol. But I also have similar AF symptoms around Ov time- hungry, bloated, etc... etc... etc... ah the fun!!!

I try to keep myself especially busy around those times so I don't over do it! lol. But I have some stomach issues I've finally gotten under control with diet- so if I go overboard it's NO BUENO! lol.

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