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Is it safe?

I havent had a period for 3 months, after the first 2 months I knew 100% it wasnt going to be pregnancy and was confirmed by hpts and bloods done at drs.

Im not sure if i ov'd 2 weeks ago on Wednesday, i did a test yesterday or day before i cant remember which was a BFN, so i bought some angus castus today in the hope it might bring my cycles back so i can get back to normal and can start ttc properly again.

Because we had been around the time i think i may have ov'd which im only 60% sure I may have done judging by cm as i dont chart or temp.

so ive had 2 bfn hpts this week do you reckon its safe to take the agnus castus and should we stop whilst i am taking it until i get some normality with my cycle and the witch appears?


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Would like to know the answer to this as I'm in the same boat. x

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I was in exact same boat this week. Tuesday was CD89, went to docs and they were useless. I knew 100% i wasnt pregnant so i took agnus castus on tues, weds and by thurs AF arrived! I had no signs AF was arriving so it was defo AC that brought it on. Im continuing to take it until OV. Would defo recommend. Not sure if your ment to stop BD while taking, i never got long enough chance to have any! xxx

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wont ur doc give u anything to bring af on if ur defo not preg ? xxx

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