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mathmatishion needed

Hello all

Well i'm back from a long wait. long story was made redundant so had to wait for another job and such. Well we are starting to try again in the new year and am just waiting for AF to show to count and calculate.

Well i have not been taking dates (stupid stupid stupid me) so i know i had AF either week commencing 15th of week commencing 22nd of november. Last sunday i had red/pink spotting once when wiped no more. Week later friday/ saturday this weekend brownish with creamy cm. I took hpt and am sure i saw the faintaist line. took a frer and am not sure with it.

So if i did have an implatation bleed surely a test would have shown a stong bfp by now i'm sooooo confused. I have the sorest boobs i have ever had in my life like when i take my bra off ouchhhhhh!!!!!!!! have felt a tiny bit nausus and a metallic taste today and begining of week too.

Any help would be greatly apprecaited.


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If Af was 22nd Dec then that would mean ov would be about the 6th dec on an average 28 day cycle - they spotting may have been ovulation bleeding. Therefore you should be testing around the 16th at the earliest for a BFP but it could be later.

If AF was the 15th then move everything about a week forward but a pos BFP may still take until about the 15th to show depending on hormone levels.

Good luck hun


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