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last AF Sept 28th.. could i still be pregnant?

Hi girls,

I think I may have missed my October period due to stress of ttc/moving house and other stuff. I usually have a 34-37 day cycle so I calculated my next AF would be due on 4-6th December.

So we BDd as much as possible as did not know when I would ovulate due to the previous missed AF. On 6th went to loo and thought I has started my AF. I felt quite relieved as had had so many BFNs so I knew I was not pregnant and wanted to get on with charting again and using the fertility monitor.

Anyway.. I had that very small amount of blood (with lots of CM- sorry if TMI) and that was it! nothing for the rest of the day and nowt since! All I want to know now is... say if that were implantation bleeding.. how long til I can test? My AFs seem to be so mixed up I dont know when it would normally be due now.

Any ideas/experiences kindly appreciated.

Love Poppy x

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