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Charters-Things that affect BBT

Hi everyone,

I'm charting, and I've been sooo hot every night. My chart is looking okay, but I had a big drop today. The thing is, I was awake in the night so hot and sweaty. I'm wondering if maybe you can get to a certain temp, different for everyone, where once you start sweating it lowers your BBT?

I know I'm really just trying to explain away my dip, but I am wondering if sweating could have affected it.

Also, how important is it to take it immediately upon waking? How different will it be if you're lying there for 10 minutes before your alarm goes off?

Thanks!Good luck everyone.

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Its really important to take your temp as soon as you open your eyes, any tossing or turning, having a drink even sitting up will effect the result. Its best to have your thermomitor out and ready before you go to sleep so you can just stick it in your mouth and press the on button x

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The longer you are up, generally the higher your temperature goes. Not sure if sweat would cause you to have a lower temp, but hardly getting any sleep I thought would make your temp higher.

If you have been hot every night though, then there probably being hot doesn't make a difference to only one of the temps.

Drinking the night before would raise your temps, as might some vitamins if you take them closer to bed time.

Not sure what would make your temps drop - except maybe if you were more cold that night. Although I have found my temperatures are higher in the winter.

Good luck and happy charting

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Thanks girls! I generally lay there with my eyes closed, dozing, for about 5-10 minutes before taking it. The therm. is on my nightstand so I guess I'll start taking it right away!

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Do some experimenting Allie. I know if I take mine, then take it again immediately after, it raises by 0.1 deg sometimes. So even being awake for a minute can affect it. Everyone is different though. If you lay there for 5-10 mins everyday before taking your temp, then it should be okay, because thats the same thing you do every day/

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The best thing you can do to get more accurate results is use the therm vaginally well actually the best thing is rectally but i'm not doing that lol.

Wait until your next cycle (if there is one) & start doing them vaginally aswell (separate thermometer you'll see what I mean, they are much less jagged as even breathing in a warm/cold room can affect your oral temps.

Good luck


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