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Implantation and cm?!?

Hello Ladies
I would really really appreciate it if you could spare a few seconds to read my questions and possibly give me an answer

Me and my partner have been trying to conceive for about 2 months now and i think i ovulated around 5days ago now as i had all the signs that i ovulated like i normally do so me and my partner had intercourse on that day and about and 7 other days too around ovulation and ever since i have had cramping on my left and right sides and in the middle of my abdomen and ecspecially yesterday i had random sharp pains through my belly button and also yesterday early hours i went the loo TMI and when i wiped i noticed clear/white quite stretchy with dots of pink blood init and some pink discharge too and then absolutly nothing at all after that i just had that ransom bit of spotting and that was on about 4dpo yesterday
now today i have had cramps in my stomach and in my legs and sharp pains through my boobs and TMI again i have had bad gas for 4 days straight now and i have had diarrhea too.. and i never ever get all these cramps i feel like im gonna get my period or something but nothing.. and my periods not due for about 13 days...

Could it have been implantation at 4dpo??? and are these signs... have these ever happened to you?

i know i have Ovulated because my cm goes dry sometimes but now its clear/white and is only a little stretchy.. i had white cm with my first pregnancy ...could this be it though....?

sorry its sooo long .
Take Care
i really really appreciate this !
Thank you!!

Baby dust to you and me

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Oooh I dont know if im totally honest never had this happen but Id say anything thats not normal for you could be a good sign!

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