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Could someone look at my chart please?

Sometimes I think charting throws up more questions than provides us with answers, but I guess I am being impatient.

I had a temp dip 5 days ago and have had a steady rise since so in my head, I thought I may have ovulated around that time - I had EWCM too. I've been using OPK's and had all but given up hope with them until yesterday when I got a positive.

FF hasn't picked up ovulation yet and I thought that when I put in today's temperature, it may have detected it but no such luck.

I'm expecting my cycle to be a little erratic as I had a mc 3 weeks ago so was chuffed to get my positive OPK yesterday.

Could someone take a look at my chart and let me know what's going on please?

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You didn't get the positive OPK until yesterday so you may have ovulated then or today, the reason FF has not confirmed OV is because your previous temps are high (CD9-12) so i think this is why, looking at the chart i think you will see raised temps for next 2 days and FF will confirm OV as CD19 x

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I think CD20 - put in higher temps for the next three days and see what it does, you can take them out so it won't mess it up.

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The girls are right

FF will look for 3 consecutive high temps after your +OV and then it will retrospectively confirm OV for you.. x

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yeah i agree, i reckon if your temps keeps rising it'll put ovulation at cd19 or 20, your main signs are the opk and the ewcm anyway x

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Go with what Tansey says and put a few temps in for the next few days - I do this quite a lot as it does give you some idea. Good luck

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