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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Originally Posted by Love2bamummy View Post
Thanks bees bella I'll try to change that ticker thing when I go back on pc (on my iPod at the mo). I can't believe that at a size 12-14 you are classed as overweight, that's just complete madness. The world is going crazy. I wouldn't get my left leg in a pair of your drawers love nevermind two ha ha!
I think it's because I am pretty short as well that I am classed overweight. But I don't feel healthy so I must be overweight !

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Aww I bet you're lovely just as you are Hun x

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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Hi everyone,
I have no idea what UK sizes translate into the US, but here I'm a size 2 or 4 depending on the brand. That doesn't sound too bad except I'm pretty short too. Haven't lost all the baby weight from the first time around, it seems to be partial to my belly. This is our first cycle trying for #2 and I'm not feeling lucky.

to everyone!

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Originally Posted by Love2bamummy View Post
Hi Peach

thankyou for your message. To be honest ttc with pcos has been quite draining so far. I was diagnosed with pcos a couple of years ago after having lots of tests etc. I think the most frustrating part so far was when I went to see the gynaecologist in year 1 of ttc as I hadn't had a period since coming off the pill cerazette (stopped pill in jan saw doc in sept) and was given provera to kickstart my periods but was then told that theyvwerent willing to help me in any way until I'd lost 3-5 stone. I could gave thumped her one I was so upset. Since taking the provera I have had a period every month more or less. My cycle tends to be anywhere between 35-42 days rather than the average 28 days. After Reading some of the pcos threads; period wise I seem to be doing pretty well. I only managed to get my pcos diagnosis after getting upset in the doctors one day because I was so stressed out about it all. The doctor referred me for a different set of tests. I'm still not there yet and have no medical help at all but at least i know a bit more than I did 4 years ago. I even had a whizz round with the pregnant cleaners mop at work the other week just in case! Lol!

How are you finding things?

I don't mean to alarm you by any means, but even if AF comes regularly but your cycles are long, you may not be ovulating. I had 3 regular cycles between 39 and 42 days each (March-July), but I wasn't actually ovulating. My dr ordered blood tests for me because she said most times when you have a long cycle, you most likely are not ovulating. Since your dr won't test until you have lost some weight, there is a thread here, Soy Isoflavones Nature's Clomid (can't remember the exact title), you might want to check out. It has a lot of information on soy isoflavones and some success stories for it as well in helping women ovulate and of course conceive. There are also some other supplements that might help as well. I'm not sure how they work personally as I started all my testing (blood work, ultrasounds, HSN) right after I started them so I stopped. I have PCOS as well, but have only recently put on weight and need to lose about 20 pounds now. Good luck on your weightloss and I hope this helps. Fxxx

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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ive been ttc for 2months now



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