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How early does blood test pick up hcg???

Ive got blood tests tomorrow to test for ovulation, im currently 4dpo i think. would this be too early for hcg to be in my blood enough to pick up a pregnancy? id be so happy if i went for my results on the 21st and they said im pregnant!!!! x

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I don't know for sure, but did a little looking online and it found that the blood tests can pick up hcg between 6 and 8 days, so it would probably be too early to pick anything up. But you would know about 10 days later!

Good luck!!

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Usually anything over 5 Hcg is considered pregnant and it depends upon your body! Everyone is different and some peoples numbers rise faster and higher than others. fx'd for you!

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implantation can occur between 7-12 dpo.
So, 4 dpo is way early for you to have HCG in your blood.
There are women on fertilityfriend who got negative bloodtest on 9 dpo and positive on 13-14 dpo.

But by the time you get your results you'l be 11 dpo maybe you can have a positive HPT that day. Btw, I am 4 dpo too today. FX'd for both of us!

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