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Wheatgrass For Fertility

Hello peeps,

I've been investigating some natural herbal supplements and have become really interested in the overall health benefits of wheatgrass. Of course the reason I became interested in it is due to it's detoxifying and fertility benefits. Perhaps some of you may like to check it out and let me know what you think.

I've just bought some off ebay for half the price of this site.

but thought the site was really beautifully designed and very informative. I think if you bought their product, you would be paying for the funky packaging rather than the product. I've opted for a plain foil wrapped product from Buckinhamshire ... where I know there is an abundance of beautiful countryside and no doubt the stuff I've bought is just as good.

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Oh thank you for the link, I know it's meant to be fab but haven't tried it yet .. another thing to try this month maybe!
Have you looked at Maca? I have tried it and it's meant to be good, although I'm not sure I noticed much effect .. maybe I didn't try for long enough?

*adds wheat-grass to the list of vits and mins, raspberry leaf tea, maca and B6/12 *

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Oooooooh I'll have to buy me some wheatgrass!

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i dont know if i could eat this stuff ... should of saw my face when i looked at it lol

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Oh yes, I can imagine it smelling and tasting just like the green green grass of home.

Still, if I can swallow it and hold my nose at the same time, then that's what I'm going to do. I intend to make it in a shot glass and down it in one (if that's possible). Followed by a piece of banana or a few grapes. That's the plan.

Haven't heard of Maca, but I think I have quite a nice mixture of herbs going this cycle to start with and I don't want to shock my body too much. A little change at a time and only a small amount of the green stuff to start with.

The lecithin is lovely though and I really love the raspberry leaf tea.

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