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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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friend convinced me I have PCOS

I have never really had problems with my period until last year when I missed 2. I went to the doc and he said it was stress (I have an anxiety disorder).

Yesterday I was talking to a friend and, I don't know how we got onto the subject, but she said it sounds like I have PCOS. I have had a couple of late periods in the last few years and of course the skipped ones and sometimes they can be a week or so later than I expected them but I have never really paid too much attention to my actual cycle length so I dont know whats normal for me and they are not what I would describe as heavy or too light.

She said that because I am overweight which is true but is evenly distributed not just in my tummy area (basically I am fat all over ), and I have had some hair loss (this was at a stressfull time and the doc said again it was stress) and I can get a bit of a hairy chin that It looks like I definitly have it.

I have been pregnant in the past (ten years ago) but one ended in an ectopic and one in a miscarriage. I can have some pain in the lower tummy/ovary area sometimes which I did go to the doc with at one point because it had been going on for a week but he didnt seem too worried and said he didnt think it was a cyst.

Also 2 years ago I had gallstones and had a ultrasound with that and he noticed I had had a tube removed but would he have seen if I had cysts on my ovaries if he did he didnt mention it

I have been in a mad googling panic all day convinced that I will never have children and the health implications of PCOS mean I will be dropping down dead

I am so upset at what this could mean for us please help

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hun breathe, theres no point in getting yourself stressed over something you dont know is official. Your friend probably had your best intentions at heart i wouldn't panic. The best thing you could do is go to your doctor and explain about the situation, hopefully then you will get a blood test to confirm/rule it out.

Even if you do have PCOS it's not the end of the world honest. Theres loads of support and treatments out there and many women who have children and live perfectly healthy lifestyles

Avoid google hun, it causes more worries than it helps


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Never mind what your friend said. She's not a doctor (is she?) and even if she was, she still wouldn't be able to diagnose without running the respective tests beforehand.

Still, I can see she did plant a worry in you, and I'd suggest looking into it to put your mind at ease.

Everybody knows everything.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hun, I've been to doctors, I had scans done that showed polycystic ovaries, still no one actually told me I had PCOS. They told me not to worry about anything, put me on BCP, done deal. Now, 9 months of unprotected sex, no pregnancy, I pulled up old scans and went to doctor, pointed to the scan and asked point blank - do I have PCOS?? Only now I'm getting hormonal screening. I don't have ANY visual signs of it. I'm overweight too, but like you, I carry it all over the place. In fact, my waist has always been giving me problems in dressing rooms, being too narrow compared to my hips. My only indication is irregular cycles. And now that I started charting - also finding out it's very likely I stopped ovulating. I still get periods, but no ovulation. The only indication on my blood work is FSH:LH ratio, high cholesterol and slightly raised level of androstenedione. I'm still to show those tests to doc, but I already self-diagnosed myself.

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