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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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January, period. Feb, no period. March, HEAVY period. TMI WARNING

i have been off the pill now for 4months and i had my period on jan 10th after being on for 2.5yr with no bleed, i didnt have one in feb at all, i came on yesterday and its tmi, so heavy im having to change my pad every 2-3hours? its really red and in lumps, im sorry for tmi. i know its not miscarrage because i was never pregnant (did about 945285 tests).

Could this be my proper cycle?? My last one might have been a withdraw bleed..?

Its really heavy and ive had to buy feminax and i never had really bad period pains before.

Also, when is the best time ttc if i came on yday?

Thanks xxx

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Mum (Mom)
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Hi hun
Not sure if this is your withdraw bleed, it usually happens quite soon after stopping the pill. Did you mean during the 2.5yrs you were on the pill you never had a period?? What pill were you on?
As for ttc, most women ovulate around day 14 depending on your cycle length. You might find it helpful to use ovulation tests because you have not long come off the pill and dont really know what your cycles are like yet. You can get ovulation tests (opk) everywhere but i buy mine from ebay as they are much cheaper. These tests detect a LH surge that is released before ovulation, once you have detected a surge you should ovulate between 12-36hrs.

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