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Ok, so now im really confused! Follow up letter from gyno

Here is the short version! Last month was first cycle on clomid, had pos opk CD18 & 19 but still told to go for bloods on CD21. When i got the results the lady (receptionist or something- not my gyno) said the level was 16 and it was not quite as high as they like to indicate ovulation so that was that, or so i thought! I was sure i did O cos of ewcm, cramps and pos opk but after the results i guessed not OR was it because i had the bloods done too close to my pos opk to detect O if it did infact happen. Anyway af arrived on CD28
Now im on my second cycle CD13 and not pos opk yet but loads of cramps again so hopefully will happen soon. I had a letter yesterday from my gyno and it said;
'your recent progesterone test would indicate that you are ovulating, which is good. I would stay on the clomiphene and hopefully it will not be long before you conceive'
What??? Super confused!!
What do you all think?? Did i or did'nt i?

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You really should ask you gyn about this cuz they're telling you 2 totally different things and that's not right. I do believe you ovulated especially if the ovulation test line was just as dark or even darker than the control line. Sometimes we have EWCM and have symptoms of ovulation but that doesn't mean we in fact ovulated, but your opk's are a good indicator that you did. I believe when they tested you it was too soon. But definitely double-check with them or call up you gyn and explain to him/her what happened.

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