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Cycle Day 10

Hi All,

Im on Cycle day 10 today and in my lower abdomen ive had slight pains. Yesterday i had slight pains on cycle day 9 too. My cycles are regular and 28 days. Surely im not ovulating??? I don't temp or use OPK's. Just wondering if any one else has experienced this and know for sure they did ovulate on cycle day 9/10. If it is ovulation im definately out already as we've only BD'ed on cycle day 6.

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Hi there
I have a 26/28 day cycle and i always ovulate around cycle day 10. I know i do bcos i use opks and moniter cm and thats when i get ewcm
You may have ovulated! Hope this helps

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Im on CD9 at mo and last couple of days especially last night I have had BAD stomach cramps! My friend gave me her CBFM but I missed the testing day when she gave it to me. I have downloaded an app on iPhone which says im not due to ovulate until next Monday? Obviously may not be 100% accurate though?

Sorry not much help

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I couldn't say for sure either way but it does seem a little early.

Funnily enough, I had some sharpish pains in my lower left side yesterday which was also CD10 for me, but my cycle is around 36 days and I don't ovulate until around CD18-20.

I would probably be tempted to get some OPKs and do those for the rest of this week, just to be sure... if you haven't ovulated yet, these should pick it up when you do... or if you have they will stay negative for the rest of the week.

Good luck xx

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