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Longer cycles...what day do you ovulate?

Hi all,

My cycles are typically 34-36 days and by looking at charts online it seems like I would ovulate later around day 20-23. Does any one have longer cycles and know about when they ovulate?

I think I missed the past two months because I thought I was ovulating earlier, but hoping this month I got it right!

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Well I had a 50 day cycle last month and ovulated on day 35. This month it looks like it is going to be about 40 days since I just had a positive OPK and will probably ovulate around day 25. So, I'd say you're probably right in assuming day 20-23 as long as you have a typical luteal phase and it isn't short like 10 days or so. Good luck!

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I've had a couple 34-35 day cycles and as I continue to chart, I'm starting to get the feeling I have a longer LP, around 16-17 days. So like last cycle was 34 days and I ovulated on cd 17.

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I have cycles that are all over the place. Ranging from 28-47 days. This past cycle it was 34 days and I ovulated on day 18. You are probably right in assuming that you ovulate later in the cycle, but the best thing to do would be to either do OPKs or BBT. I do not have any experience with BBT, but I have had lots of luck with the OPKs. They take a lot of the guesswork out of when the best time to BD would be. Good luck!!

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Hey Yankeegirl

I have been on BC and stopped 7 March. Due to BC, I always had a 28 day cycle (although it's not really a cycle). Before BC though it was definitely longer (i think 33 - 35 days).

So my first month off BC I started testing on CD 14 as would be the norm with a 28 day cycle, but had positives only. I tested positive for ovulation on CD 19 and CD 20. I am now 7dpo. Absolutely no idea when my period is supposed to start, but hoping my luteal phase is long enough.

The best would probably be using OPK or temping for the first month or two just to get a general idea of your cycle.

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