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DIY at home insemination is a great option - worked a few times for me!

This thread is years old, but maybe some will read it now who are TTC with self insemination. i hope so - because i want to Add- that - it can work! can work really well! and is often better than IUI in a clinic, or, even depending on circumstances, regular sex. surely it is great for single women and lesbian couples.

i am now mom to twin 18 mos old and 47 yrs old. i was TTC as a single woman since i turned 40 and i DID have a FEW successes with at-home insemination both with fresh and frozen donations. (as an older woman, not every egg is good, and those few times apparently the egg was not)

i am writing into threads now, only because i SO want to SHARE with women and couples dearly wanting to conceive that there are many DIY options that cost very little and maintain your privacy and intimacy. DIY options for optimizing your chances to conceive and for at-home insemination.

so - surely the best is with the "instead cup". not just a syringe. pre-seed is an option if you do not have fertile CF, but best to get your own body's CF up to par. a woman's orgasm (at least one) AFTER the cup with seeds is well placed against the cervix is best.
DO a trial run first. so you get used to how to insert the cup without spilling. for some squatting is best, for some - lying back is best. for some, best to have the partner insert it. a trial run should be done days before you are even in your fertile window and you can use kefir. is is runny , like the semen will be, and is basically healthy for the vaginal tract in any case.
best of luck! get smart, think positive, optimize health on all levels and never give up hope.:-)

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