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Brown discharge between 4 days after ovulation

After combing the internet to find help, I'm glad to find a place where other women have gone through the same thing and are here to help each other. I'm hoping to get some advice/thoughts on what I'm going through right now. In hopes of not making this post to long.

The issue: I'm having brown discharge, from light to dark depending and not a lot by any means (just enough to see it on the white panty liner usually twice a day). This has been going on since Monday, which was 4dpo (confirmed with opk). I had the same thing happen 6dpo last month, and it continued for 9 days until I started my period on the 2nd of April. My period have run in 5-6 week cycles as of lately and this is our second month trying to get pregnant again (see history below). I'm going crazy trying to figure out if this is implantation spotting/bleeding or something else, it's a little lighter then last month and I'm getting a lot of cramps and bloating. Anyone been through this before?

History: My husband and I got pregnant last October with our first try, my period were regular every 5 weeks on the dot since stopping the pill in June. Sadly, it ended in miscarriage at 6 1/2 weeks, naturally without a D&C. The doctor told us to wait a cycle or two before trying again. My period were wacky and very painful because I had also developed two ovarian cysts (one on each) some time between December and January when my first period came on 1/9. I was diagnosed cyst free in February, but the spotting continued only to now figure out in March/April it is shortly after ovulation the spotting happens. As you can guess, spotting for 10-14 days before your period is very uncomfortable and might also be hurting our chances. I never had spotting between periods before the miscarriage. I have an appt. with my OB/GYN a week from today, but the waiting (and pain from the cramps/bloating) are driving me crazy. Thanks for any advice ladies!

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