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Mrs R
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Zita West on TV last nite...

So girlies, I'm sure many of us were glued to the Sex Education Show last nite on Ch 4. If you didn't see it, Zita West (fertility guru) was on talking about ttc and siad that couples needed to be having sex 3 - 4 times per week in order to give themselves the best chance of conceiving.

Of course we all know this, but how many of u actually manage it?? Sorry if Im being nosey but I know DH and I are lucky to manage it twice a week!! We put in a little extra effort around ov time, but as Im irregular we usually miss it!!

After seeing this, we've made a decision to put more effort in all the time, to cover all bases lol. Anybody in the same boat??

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Mum (Mom)
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I work the late shift, 4.30pm-1am so I don't get to see any evening TV. But I've been reading her book, Guide to Getting Pregnant and I've learnt loads from it! As for BD'ing... I'm also irregular, that's why I use OPK's from about CD6 everyday up until I get a + (also charting my temp and watching CM aswell). When we know I'm OV then it's twice a day, every day all week Apart from that, just when ever the mood takes us

Pretty hopeful this time as we started BD'ing on CD36 and I don't think I OV until CD38!!

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happy mum
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Def think having more sex this month paid off for us. made sure we bd'd.every other day from end of af to make sure fresh sperm!! That and putting pillow under bum on ov days.
Worked for us this month after 9months so worth a go!!
Good LUck for the BFP this month!!

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