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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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First Month, All In, Feeling Kinda Crazy!

This baby making business is SERIOUS. My husband teases me that I could have a PhD in google-ology (I like to search EVERYTHING). Well, we stopped BC at the end of my last cycle (April 23, 2011). I have been charting my cycles for a few months and they seem tobe 36-38 days long. I am currently on CD21. I've been doing OPKs first once a day, then twice a day and now whenever I can get a stick to pee on! I know, I know-UNNECESSARY but its just so exciting!! Also, we're doing the Sperm Meets Egg business. According to Fertility Friend I should be Oing on Saturday the 14th (or CD24) so we're in the DTD every day phase----wooo hoo!

The best part for me is that my husband and I are BOTH all in...reading everything we can find, trying anything that sounds amusing...

This site is so helpful. I hope that within a few months I understand everything I'm reading, what's going on with my body, etc.

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Good luck! I also took the "all in" approach this cycle. Hope you catch your egg and report back with a BFP!

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