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Clearblue fertility monitor

Hello, this is my first month using clearblue. I normally have cycles all over the place since coming off pill but last cycle was 32 days?! Had blood test at docs and he said my testosterone levels are very slightly higher than the normal range but LH and FSH normal.

So, this month thought would try soy and took it days 2-6. Now I'm on cd9 and got my first high fertility day.

Is it working?! I know that on first use you can get more than 5 high fertility days so how many can you get?

Thanks in advance

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It sounds like your CBFM is working to me! This is my 4th month of using mine.. The first 2 months I got up to 10 highs before the 2 peak days. Last month was strange as I didn't get a peak and had over 20 highs

I think when it gets used to your cycles, this should reduce to 2-3 high days, but everyone is different x

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