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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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73 days since last period... going crazy

I am at day 73 since the first day of my last period, last period was March 12. I have taken 1 HPT a couple weeks ago and it was NEG. My periods have never gone any longer then 52 days.( and are usually 32-38 days) The past 3 days my breasts have become sore to touch and for one day I had some cramping for the most part of the morning but nothing else.

Should I be making a doctor's appointment as it's been so long since I had my period?

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You should test again, maybe you tested to early
then either negative or positive make an appointment

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I can really understand your frustration and uncertainty, my longest cycle started in june last year (87 days), I've never had 30 days periods but they've always been monthly up until then. Since then they slowly went back down from 87 to 68 65 58 55 days.

I would go and see your doctor and they will probably do some blood tests on you. Has anything happened to you over the past few months where you think it may have contributed? certain supplements\stress\change in lifestyle??

What helped me get through it was charting my temps down (feel free to take a look at my FF chart) - although it doesn't give me definitive answers it helps me see my unique body pattern and eases my mind more.

It could be that you have recently ovulated hence the sore boobs, if you have been making love recently I would possibly give it several more days before testing for a hpt. I wouldn't hang around for AF to show, I'd go straight to the docs!

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