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Ovulation questions

Hello all! I got a very positive OPK yesterday (darker than control line) and today it was lighter than control line, so clearly I should be ovulating today or tonight...I know that certain things can throw off ovulation...I am afraid to go to the gym tonight...Also wondering if heavy exercise can "cancel out" pregnancy after ovulation and before implantation...I realize that gazilion things can go wrong prior to implantation but that is out of my control obviously...just wondering really if there is anything in my to be safe??

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Mum (Mom)
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Just do everything normally, get bedding!! Xxxxx

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wss ^^
A lot of women dont even know theyre pregnant until they miss their AF and even then they dont always miss know. They still exercise or drink or smoke or take painkillers and they can still go on to have a healthy pregnancy.
Think back hundreds of years, women didnt have the same ways to detect Ov that we do and so carried on as normal, working out, bashing dinosaurs (ok so thats a little more than a few hundred years but you get my drift).
You cant put your life on hold "Just in case" or youll end up mad as a badger in no time.

Go to the gym if thats what you want (or stay home and indulge in ice cream-i would )
If its going to happen this cycle, itll happen no matter what.

GL xx

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I agree.. You really should carry on as normal. The only thing you can do is BD as much as possible and take your vitamins and hope for the best!

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yeah. what she said!

I agree. Carry on.

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