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Originally Posted by Charlie_x View Post

My tips for a boy? would be sex constantly around your fertile days so like sex everyday 3/4 days in a row xx
My second son was conceived from ONE single episode of sex in a 2 week period.

I guess I'm the opposite of Shettle's, lol!

Obviously, I don't really believe that any of that stuff works. At least it doesn't for me. Maybe I could try going for the opposite, lol!

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We are TTC a girl for one cycle. No success yet in concieving at all. All I am doing is dtd about 3-5 days before ovulation. That way the female sperm have a chance and the male sperm die before I ovulate. I have only ever known one person to be successful in gender swaying and they went for a boy. With that said, most people I know who have kids are pretty young and those babies were surprises rather than planned.

Personally I am a little torn on the issue itself. I don't really mind another boy at all but I am worried that when I finally get that BFP I might have some gender dissapointment if it's a boy only because I am TRYING to have a girl. So I am choosing names and forcing myself to have an even set of boy and girl names. I don't want to be disappointed and I don't think I will but who knows?

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When we conceived jack we bd'd from a few days before ov then every day until 3 days after. We did doggy style and I orgasmed. This time I will try the methods for a girl but we really aren't bothered either way. I don't see anything wrong with just trying this, we certainly aren't going to be dissappointed with another boy but just going to increase our chances of a girl.

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I was exactly the same hun, I really wanted my 2nd baby to be a girl and I researched everything. It's really individual and I know so many people try different things. I ended up using a individual chart tailored just for me and it worked-retrospectivey worked for my 1st too. PM me if you want to know where to get them.

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