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Looking at your chart I don't think you've ovulated yet. I would keep bding until you see a sustained thermal shift. I'm in the same boat as you, positive opk's for a couple days, but no peak and temps aren't increasing yet. So frustrating!

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Another question ladies...I had a small glob of what I think was EWCM yesterday (could've been sperm and conceive plus, but this stretched more like ewcm, on the other days it was watery) and my cp was highest softest and most open its been now this morning its high soft (medium texture towards opening) and the opening is medium now. I think I o'd but my chart is confusing the crap out of me. I took another opk. It's like it was in the beginning...not as dark as cd21. I usually have a slow rise and have never gone into the 96 degree batter is new and my coverline is usually around 97.1-97.3...what is going on?? With as much as I felt like I was burning up las tnight I thought my temp would be sky high (maybe because I thought I o'd too) what do you think?

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