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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC #1 AF 12 days late...confusing spotting BFN

Hi all...

Just wanted to share my situation with you and get some advice and see if anyone's had the same experience.

We've been ttc for 1 last period started 16th June, it's now 29th July and no AF. I normally have a 32 day cycle, so i'm about 12 days late.

I don't chart, or use ovulation tests etc, we have sex every 2-3 days at least and hope we'll have all bases covered. I do check CM though but find it confusing sometimes to determine what is CM and what might be sperm.

I've taken 5 tests over the last 12 days, all BFN.

On day 23 of my cycle i had light spotting when wiping and i thought that might be implantation.

On the day AF was due i've had a really wet creamy feeling and a spot of pink now and again, but only when wiping.

I've been so tired (more than usual) have had headaches, and a crampy feeling. basically feeling like AF is on her way, then nothing. for several days i've had like a watery discharge, nothing heavy just enough to mark my undies and make me feel that AF might have arrived.

i went to my GP yesterday for a blood test, but that could take 1 week for a result! the waiting and thinking is driving me crazy.

i feel bloated and tired and crampy, but not like normal period pains.

im wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and what the outcome was?
i wondered also whether anyone has ever ovulated on days 31 - 32 of your cycle...i guess its possible that i've just ovulated really late and so AF is on her way. All these BFN are driving me crazy (and broke) . we've just hit our 12 months of trying, so we're starting to worry.

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