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Pregnant or not? Cant test till next week!

I have been feeling off it for the past 2 months with morning sickness feeling and dizzyness as well as the cramping weeks before af is even due. I tested but got a bfn. Af hasn't been the same either I'm usually very regular exactly every 4 weeks for 7 days straight also it is usually very heavy. These past couple of months it's not been as regular and quite light as well as only lasting 5 days maximum which is very unusual for me. I have been on Yasmin for the past month and half and decided to come off it on friday as I have this feeling I am pregnant and I just cant shake it off. Well I've still not had af usually it comes the next day and still nothing not evening the ususal cramping.

I have been very tired, well exhausted actually slept most of day yesterday and was still tired. Sickness and dizzyness still here as well as lower backache. I've been having wierd dreams that I am and everything just seems to point to me being pregnant. I can't test till next week as I am unable to get to the nearest shop till then as husband is working away. I have ordered some via internet but wondered what you ladies thought.

Also have anyone had heart palpitations while pregnant? I've been suffering with it for about 2 weeks now and it's starting to worry me.

Thank you

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